The upper layer of soft flooring (carpets, moquette carpets) and of upholstery (furniture, mattresses, chairs, sofas) is the medium where most allergy causing dust mites and fungi are kept. Allergic diseases are among the most common in the world. 20-30% of the population is thought to be suffering from one or another allergic disease.

When using professional equipment, in addition to the upholstery, the upper layer of the stuffing is washed too, as a result of which up to 90% of the allergens are eliminated.

This is the reason why it is particularly important to wash these surfaces regularly, especially in facilities where people have longer contact with them (offices, hotels, hospitals, etc.).

EUROCLEAR offers the following washing services:

·Washing of textile furniture.
·One-sided and double-sided washing of mattresses.
·Washing of textile kitchen and office chairs.
·Cleaning of leather furniture.
·Cleaning of leather office chairs.
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