In administrative buildings, trade centres, industrial enterprises, office and residential premises cleaning is a major factor for establishing a god interior environment. Therefore, this process must be professionally organised and controlled.

Before proceeding with performance, it is important to make an analysis of the facility. Traffic, level of contamination, specific activities and requirements on the site and other concomitant factors.

On the basis of the information gathered, a subscription cleaning service plan is prepared.

The subscription plan includes activities of various regularity which are consistent with customer needs and references:

Daily cleaning
Weekly cleaning
Monthly cleaning
Annual cleaning
The optimal subscription plan must cover the principal’s criteria of cleanness and price must be close to the usage rate defined for this type of activity in the budget of the organisation!

EUROCLEAR иEUROCLEAR prepares subscription plans for all kinds of facilities and would be glad to consult you on your plan as well. 2015
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